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All group exercise classes include warm-up, appropriate stretch, and cool-down. Heart-rate checks will be regularly cued by the instructor; however, each person is responsible for monitoring their heart rate and exercising at the appropriate intensity. If you have any questions about exercise and determining what is appropriate for you, please ask your instructor, or make an appointment with one of the wellness staff for an exercise prescription.

Reminder: all classes are co-ed and are suitable for all ages and fitness levels!

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
4:00-4:15 pm Core Core Core Core
4:25-5:20 pm
Cardio Pump   Butts & Back Vinyasa Yoga
5:30-6:30 pm Zumba Hip-Hop Zumba Hip-Hop
6:40-7:30 pm  Barre Fitness Power Yoga    Power Yoga 


Class Descriptions

Core - Strengthen and Tone your Abs and Back. (15 Min)

ZUMBA® - Fusion of Latin, hip/hop, and International music to inspire you to sweat.  Join the fitness Party!  Dance Aerobics utilizes the principles of cardio fitness intervals to maximize caloric output, fat burning, and total body toning. (60 min)

Yogalates – Systematic fusion of the Yoga and Pilates that effectively merges the ancient practice of Yoga from the east with the core stabilizing, posture enhancing dynamics of Pilates from the west. A regular Yogalates session will include exercises and poses to cultivate strength, stamina, stability and flexibility with particular attention paid to building tone in the deeper postural “core” muscles. These protect the spine against injury, support the internal organs and foster pelvic and spinal awareness to promote good posture. (45 Min) 

Vinyasa Yoga – Sequence of synchronized movements with breathe, to help strengthen, relax, detox, and promote muscular endurance, flexibility, and inner peace. Pace can be slow or fast. (60 Min)

Yin Yoga – Yin yoga targets the deep connective tissues of the body and focuses on areas that encompass a joint (hips, sacrum, and spine) as well as regulates the flow of energy in the body. Yin Yoga is unique in that you are asked to relax in passive postures, soften the muscle and move closer to the bone; postures are held for three to five minutes at a time. The time spent in these postures is much like time spent in meditation. As one ages flexibility in the joints decreases and Yin yoga is a wonderful way to maintain that flexibility. (60 Min)

Power Yoga – Enhance your practice: Intermediate to Advanced Yogi’s and Yogini’s! An athletic practice to strengthen, increase balance, and flexibility. Pace can be fast or slow. Challenge yourself in arm balances, inversions, and variations of poses. (60 Min)

Barre Fitness Toning and conditioning exercises that utilize the Barre to increase balance, strength, and flexibility. Designed at an upbeat tempo - you will develop techniques derived from Pilates and Ballet that incorporates pulsing and holding movements that will tighten your body for that lean dancer physique! (60 Min)

Hip-Hop introductory level Hip Hop class that provides a structured method of learning various Hip Hop dance movements in a fun-filled and vibrant group exercise class environment. Burn calories, tighten, and tone you’re your entire body! No prior dance experience required. (60 Min)

Cardio Circuit – By incorporating high intensity cardio exercises routines, cardio circuit uses your lower-body and upper-body to increase cardio capacity, build stamina, tighten and firm your core to improve coordination and control. Medium to High Intensity with Recovery Periods. (45 Min)

Agility & Plyometrics – Improve your overall fitness through exercises involving agility and plyometrics. Agility is the ability to rapidly change directions without the loss of speed, balance, or body control within a particular movement pattern. This helps to improve one’s coordination and motor control. Plyometrics or "jump training" are exercises based around having muscles exert maximum force in as short a time as possible, with the goal of increasing both speed and power. High Intensity. Not recommended for participants with injuries or heart conditions. (45 Min)

Strength & Conditioning – This class focuses on the proper form when executing resistance and cardiovascular exercises. The primary strength and conditioning objective is injury prevention, followed by performance enhancement to generate increased fitness. All levels class format with no prior training required. A total body class format to increase muscular and cardiovascular strength and endurance! (45 Min)

Introduction: Mixed Martial Arts – (non-contact) Kata is a Japanese word describing detailed choreographed patterns of movements practiced individually. The basic goal of kata is to preserve and transmit proven combat techniques and to practice self-defense. By practicing in a repetitive manner the learner develops the ability to execute those techniques and movements in a natural, reflex-like manner. The benefits from this practice include increased focus, self-defense, breathing techniques, improved coordination, balance, and power. No experience required.  You will also be able to earn credited hours toward your MMA practice if you choose to advance and develop your knowledge and skills. (60 Min) 

Group Exercise Class Policies:

  1. Wipe all equipment after use and return to its proper storage area.
  2. Please inform the instructor of any medical conditions or limitations BEFORE class begins.
  3. Must have 2 or more participants to hold a class.
  4. Bring a towel!!! Towels are REQUIRED to attend classes and may be rented at the service center.
  5. Wait outside group exercise room until previous class is finished.