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ULM Wellness Services provides the University community with health promotion and disease prevention education, as well as programs and services that allow the individual to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle and a high level of personal wellness. As part of The University of Louisiana at Monroe's mission of service to the community, Wellness Services will provide specific programs and services to local businesses and industries, school systems, and the general public. Accomplishment of these missions will further enhance the visibility of ULM as a leader in the university system and the community, with a strong commitment to the total well-being of those we serve.

Wellness activities include group exercise, educational workshops, personal training and more! Monthly calendars are available at the information center. This information may also be periodically published online or communicated via email to University faculty, staff and students.

For information regarding group exercise, see: Group Exercise Schedule


Current Wellness Programs

Daily Services

Personalized Exercise Prescription, Body Composition, & Measurements
Our wellness specialists, exercise physiologists and personal trainers develop personalized exercise programs to get people started in the weight room and cardiovascular area or to help them reach their goals.  We can measure your body composition using skin fold calipers or your circumference using a tape measure.  Measurements can be repeated monthly if desired.  Call 342-5398 for an exercise prescription, body composition or girth measurements appointment.

Personal Training
Get the results you want with our certified professional Personal Trainers.  Our trainers possess the knowledge, skills and abilities for safe and effective exercise and fitness program design with instruction and assistance for the purpose of reaching your personal health and fitness goals. Sessions start at just $20 per hour! Stop by the front office and speak with the Wellness Coordinator for additional information.

Blood Pressure Screening
We can measure your blood pressure typically between 7:30am.-5:00 pm. Monday – Thursday.  Stop by the front office for a quick check of your blood pressure. No appointment necessary.

Group Exercise Classes
A wide variety of classes fill our schedule.  Choose from cardio, strength training or core conditioning classes with one of our knowledgeable and certified instructors.  Towel is required to attend classes.