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Sponsored Programs & Research

OSPR Forms

Note: All information and forms must be completed in order for us to process your request.

Proposal Stage

Mandatory Forms

1. Intent to Apply for Funding Form

2. Proposal Routing and Approval Form (PRAF) Cover Page [pdf] New! [rev. 9/20/17]

3. Conflict of Interest Form (COI) [xls] [rev. 8/24/10]

4. Budget Forms

ULM Internal Budget Worksheet [xls] [rev. 09/22/15]


NIH Modular Budget Worksheet [xls] [rev. 7/26/13]

NIH Personnel Justification Template [doc] [4/27/10]

5. Subrecipient Commitment Form (if applicable) [pdf] New! [07/25/17]

Conditional Forms

Consortium Form [xls] [rev. 7/17/12]

Computing Center Approval Form [pdf] [rev. 12/11/09] - Due to the Computing Center 15 working days in advance.  Contact Chance Eppinette for assistance.

Additional Compensation Questionnaire [pdf] [rev. 12/11/09]

F&A (Indirect Costs) Reduction Request [xls] New! [rev. 9/22/17]

Course Release Approval Form [pdf] New! [12/11/09]

Deadline Variance Form [doc] [6/12/09]


Award Stage

Contract/MOUs/Agreements/Material Transfers/Sub Agreements

1. Agreement Routing Form [xls] [rev. 10/24/14]

Uniform Biological Material Transfer Agreement (UBMTA)

UBMTA implementing letter [doc] [11/5/13]

UBMTA Agreement [doc template] [11/5/13]

Award Management
Account Establishment

1. Project Master Budget (PMB) [xls] [rev. 3/10/10]

2. Computing Center Access Request - Banner Finance (for first time users not set up in PROD Banner)

2. Banner Security Access Request [pdf]

3. Cost share Transfer Form (Conditional) [doc] [rev. 6/24/10]

Project Changes

Budget and Project Revision [xls] [rev. 6/7/10]

Invention Disclosure Form [rev. 3/30/09]

Coming Soon - Change of PI and Key Personnel Request

Grant/Contract Closeout Certification [pdf] [4/15/10] 


Regulatory Compliance


Human Subjects Research - Request for Review [xls] [rev. 05/26/15]


IACUC Forms [pharmacy department]


Department Form [doc] [11/5/13]

Research Form [doc] [2/8/10]