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We strive to serve and education ULM faculty and staff on OSPR polices and procedures.  Please contact the OSPR office if you would like individual or group training, guidance on a particular circumstance or matter, or for additional procedure information not provided below. 



Biosafety  [7/1/09]

This policy serves as guidance for proposing, approving, handling, storage, disposal, and documenting biosafety compliance. The Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) is charged with the oversight of recombinant DNA, pathogens, toxins, toxicants and carcinogens and to ensure that ULM complies with all federal and state regulations.


Cost Share/Match  [7/1/13]

Cost sharing or matching funds refers to that portion of project or program costs not borne by the sponsored agency.  It includes all contributions, including cash and in-kind, that a recipient makes to an award.  This policy details the pre and post award processes.


Export Control  [rev. 11/12/09]

Policy and procedures are established to assure that the University of Louisiana at Monroe adheres to federal export control laws.


Facilities and Administration/Indirect Costs (F&A/IC)   [7/1/13]

These are costs incurred by a project that cannot be clearly identified and assigned to that project (local telephone charges, administrative support, library use, building costs, utilities, etc.). This policy details ULM's negotiated F&A terms and pre and post award processes.


F&A/Indirect Cost Return and Use  [8/17/15]

Indirect costs are written into grants and contracts to reimburse universities for supporting services such as library and building use, accounting, and payroll. Universities normally use a portion of these indirect costs to encourage additional faculty and student scholarship and professional development. This PPM establishes guidelines for the allocation and use of those indirect costs.


Financial Conflict of Interest  [11/19/08]

A guide for faculty and staff members to properly structure their relationships with industry and other outside ventures given their position responsibilities.


Financial Conflict of Interest for NSF, NIH and PHS-Sponsored Projects  [rev. 8/24/12]

The purpose of this interim policy for Financial Conflict of Interest for NSF-, NIH-, and PHS-sponsored projects is to ensure that all individuals affiliated with the University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM),  participating in research activities funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) or Public Health Service (PHS includes NIH, the Centers  for Disease Control and Prevention, and other agencies), are familiar and comply with the federal regulations on Objectivity in Research, and that ULM meets all requirements to ensure its continued eligibility to receive grants and contracts from these agencies. Failure to comply with this policy can jeopardize continued or future funding from these agencies.


Gift vs. Sponsored Program  [11/3/08]

A guide for faculty and staff members to clarify the distinction between gifts and sponsored programs.


Human Subjects Protection  [11/3/08]

Establishes policies, procedures, and responsibilities associated with research that involves the use of human subjects. Particular attention is paid to the Institutional Review Board.


Salary Recovery Incentive Program  [7/1/13]

As an incentive/financial support, the university will transfer general funds made available by the secured extramural funding allocated for faculty/staff release time (salary release) to the employees college.


Salary Release from Sponsored Program  [7/1/13]

Faculty/Staff salary payment to the university through extramural funding (from awards made to the university by a sponsored program - agencies and third parties - for research, instruction, or public service projects) in order to partially release the employee from university responsibilities (research, teaching, service, or administrative duties) so that the employee member can spend this portion of their time and effort on the awarded research/project.


Misconduct Policy  [1/31/17]

The institution is strongly committed to protecting whistleblowers, people who act in good faith in their attempts to make responsible parties aware of scientific misconduct. The policy indicates the extent to which ULM takes its obligation to protecting whistleblowers.



Time and Effort Reporting  [2/10/14]

For every reporting period, ULM employees must report time spent on research/project for sponsored program and any other ULM responsibilities (teaching, services, administration, other). Employees affirmation that s/he indeed actually worked the amount of time promised in the awarded proposal of a sponsored program by documenting effort on the University Time and Effort Report as required by Federal law.

Procedures and Instructional Guides

Banner information for PI's

- OSPR webpage Banner Guide for PIs

-Download the PI Banner Account Monitoring Guide here [.docx] [9-18-13]


DUNS number and sam.gov registration for subawardees

How to obtain a DUNS number and register at sam.gov - download instructions [.docx] [1-23-14]


Time and Effort

- OSPR webpage Time and Effort Certification

- Pre/Post Award Guide for Time, Effort, T&E Reporting, Compensation Planning, and related terminology

Time & Effort Instructions and Guide [ppt] [rev. 5/7/13]


- Time and Effort Certification using the ULM online system

ULM online T&E Reporting Instructions and Guide [rev. 3/17/16]