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Speech-Language Pathology

Student Outcome Data

The strength of ULM's M.S. program in Speech-Language Pathology is evident in the Graduation/Program Completion Rate, the Speech-Language Pathology Praxis Examination results, and the Employment/Job Placement Rates of students within one year following graduation.


Graduation/Program Completion Rates

(Note: The expected completion time is based on the program's or the institution's standards for length of time to degree. It differs among programs depending on factors such as part-time study options, required internships, etc.)

From 2011-2014, 91% of the students who started the M.S. degree program in Speech-Language Pathology successfully obtained their degree. Students who did not complete the degree usually changed into a different field during the first semester or completed the requirements for the Speech-Language Pathology Assistant license.

Graduation/Program Completion Rates
Academic Year Number Admitted Number Completed Percentage
2013-2014 19 17 89%
2012-2013 18 16 89%
2011-2012 17 16 94%
3 Year Totals/Average  54 49 91%
Praxis Examination Results

Students demonstrate success on the national exam in Speech-Language Pathology that exceeds the national average. Between 2011 and 2014, 100% of the students who took the Praxis passed it within one year of graduation compared to the national average of 80%.

Praxis Examination Results
ETS Cycle Number of Students Who Took the Exam Number of Students Who Passed the Exam Percent of Students Who Passed the Exam
2013-2014 17 17 100%
2012-2013 21 21 100%
2011-2012 15 15 100%
3 Year Totals/Average 53 53 100%
Employment/Job Placement Rates

From 2011-2014, within one year of graduation, 90% of the M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology degree recipients were employed in the profession.

Employment/Job Placement Rates
Academic Year Employment Rate in the Profession
2013-2014 94%
2012-2013 100%
2011-2012 100%
3 Year Average 98%