The Louisiana High School Technology Challenge. Teamwork + Technology = Success You can have incredible accomplishments through teamwork.
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Contact Information 
The Louisiana High School Technology Challenge will be held during the morning of the day of the competition at your high school as a "virtual school trip".  

Register before the registration deadline. Due to complex coordination of registration processing, setting up of online accounts, confirmed registration communication, and coordination with volunteers, we will not and cannot accept or process team applications after the scheduled late registration deadline..

Mike Beutner, School of Education, College of Arts, Sciences, and Education, at the University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM) directs the Louisiana High School Technology Challenge with the assistance and support of many dedicated volunteers.  

Office Phone With Voice Mail: (318) 342-3142

Registration is online by the stated deadlines. Only a team coach appointed by the high school principal can register a team.
  • Please use email for rapid communication. It is the best way to communicate with us. Email is our management system; all confirmations are made by email.
  • It's possible that you can email us, but that we can't email you! Make sure that your school's tech support does NOT block or filter email originating from the domain name of '".  If this is an issue, your network administrator can remedy this easily by making a routine change in your email server's "filter settings" for whitelisting" the email origination address.
  • If you are a high school student or parent, please ask your Team Coach to contact us. Only team coaches should communicate with us; this makes a huge difference and greatly reduces confusion.  
  • If there is a problem with email, please call, if you leave a voice mail message, repeat your phone number twice. 

Media Contact
If you represent a media organization, feel free to contact the staff of University Relations:

Sponsorship Contact
If your organization or company is interested in sponsoring this event, please click on this link:

Online Master's Degree Program in Instructional Technology
If you are interested in an online graduate program for a Master's Degree in Educational Technology Leadership or getting an "add on" for Educational Technology Leader, Online Instructor, or Educational Technology Facilitator, obtaining online graduate courses for "Louisiana Plus 30", or taking graduate courses for professional development in "eLearning", please call:  (318) 342-1235 (School Of Education/, University of Louisiana at Monroe). Here is the course rotation for completion of the online M.A. degree program in Educational Technology in 12 months.

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