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Technology Challenge 2015 Schedule
Technology Challenge 2015
Free Early Registration
During 2014
During 2014, register your high school team at no costClick HERE to register your team electronically at no cost. Registration is limited to the first 75 high school teams. Any high schools in Louisiana are eligible. Thousands of high school students have participated in previous years.
Technology Challenge 2015
Registration at the 2014 LACUE Conference
December 2-4, 2014, LACUE Conference, New Orleans
If the limit of 75 registered teams has not been reached, register your team in person at the LACUE (Louisiana Association of Computer Using Educators) conference! Details will be found in your "LACUE Conference Tote Bag". LACUE conference details:   
About 2,000 K-12 educators participate in the annual LACUE conference; the conference provides hundreds of great technology-related sessions. Don't miss the conference!
Technology Challenge 2015
Late Registration Deadline
Any electronic registration application received after December 31 is late. Late registration between January 1, 2015 until January 28, 2015 will require a late team registration fee of $100 to accompany electronic registration; late registration involves mailing a check by postal mail that is postmarked by January 28, 2015 made out to "Technology Challenge, University of Louisiana at Monroe". The final registration deadline of January 28, 2015 is strict because this is a complex event involving many volunteers.  
Technology Challenge 2015
Team Registration Final Confirmation 
Wednesday, January 28, 2015
All registered teams will receive an emailed final team registration confirmation by Wednesday noon, January 28, 2015. If you, the Team Coach, do not receive email confirmation by Wednesday noon, January 28, 2015, please contact us by phone, as explained in the registration form. Why? In previous competitions, some high school networks blocked email with very aggressive email filters. If this is true for your high school, you will need to notify your network administrator to allow (or "whitelist") email messages coming from the "domain" of  
Technology Challenge 2015
Your Team's Account
Instructions Provided
Notification: Monday Morning, February 9, 2015
All team coaches will be contacted by email by Monday morning, February 9, 2015. The email will contain your team's assigned team number, team login, and the team password of your team's online account. You and your students will have the opportunity to practice on "Moodle" before the competition. That email will also include detailed step-by-step instructions for accessing your online account.   
Technology Challenge 2015

8:00 AM - 11:59 AM
Wednesday morning, February 11, 2015 Between 8:00 AM And 11:59 AM
The online Technology Challenge takes place. Students in your high school team should be excused to use the school's reserved computer lab during the morning hours of this day.
  • Teams can access the online files for the Technology Challenge at 8:00 AM. 
  • The deadline for completed submission is 11:59 AM. There is a very stiff penalty for late submission. We use the time stamp of your last COMPLETED submission; every late minute is a 1 point deduction from the team score. Incomplete submissions, for any reasons, received after 12:29 PM are NOT judged.   
All Team Coaches will be asked to complete a brief and anonymous online evaluation of the Technology Challenge. This is greatly appreciated.
Results Announced Thursday, February 12, 2015
On Thursday, February 12, 2015, all Team Coaches will receive results of the Technology Challenge with relative rankings based on assigned team numbers, NOT the names of high schools. The winning teams will be announced on the main page of this website. All winning teams will be notified by email with information about how they will receive their school award.

Technology Challenge 2016!

February 3, 2016

Technology Challenge 2016! Mark Your Calendar!
Mark your calendar! The 10th Annual Louisiana High School Technology Challenge will take place on Wednesday, February 3, 2016! It will mark the 10th consecutive annual online high school competition in the great state of Louisiana. We hope your high school will participate again! Register your team early and mark your calendar!  

Free Early Registration
  • Register your team for the 2016 Technology Challenge at no cost during 2015. We will accept the first 75 team registrations. 
  • Team registration after January 1, 2016 will require a late team registration fee of $100; late registration involves mailing a check by postal mail that is postmarked by January 20, 2016.   
Late Registration: $100
Late team registration between January 1, 2016 and January 20, 2016 requires a postmarked letter (postmarked by January 20, 2016) that includes payment of $100 made out to "Technology Challenge, University of Louisiana at Monroe".  There is a limit of 75 registered high school teams for Technology Challenge 2016. So, register your team early, at no cost, during 2015! 
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