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Hanna Hall Balloon Launch



ULM Atmospheric Science students and faculty regularly launch weather balloons from ULM's campus in advance of hazardous weather.  In addition to giving students hands-on learning opportunities outside of the classroom, we transmit our balloon data to the National Weather Service, where it is used to assist critical nowcasting & forecasting decisions in northern Louisiana.  Weather balloon data is typically posted to our Twitter account (@ULMweather).

During March & April 2016, the ULM balloon team is participating in the NOAA funded VORTEX-SE field project by launching a weather balloon every hour in advance of severe hazardous weather.  The goal of the project is to better understand processes related to southeastern severe weather and tornadoes.

For more information on the ULM balloon team or data access, contact Dr. Todd Murphy (murphy@ulm.edu).


Example sounding diagram from a Feb 2016 weather balloon launch:

Example Skew-t Diagram


Clear air balloon launch:

Clear Air Balloon Launch