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The University of Louisiana Monroe Mentorship Program connects students to alumni and career professionals who seek to nurture their mentees personal and professional growth by: support and accountability, creating pathways to achieve set goals, and supporting the university’s efforts in preparing career-ready graduates.

Take the opportunity to share your experience and knowledge with a ULM student!

You can be a mentor and volunteer your time to help a ULM student with his or her career exploration, life skills development, and networking opportunities. This is a formal relationship in which the mentor will guide the mentee in his or her professional development through the structure of the ULM Mentorship Program. A mentor will have the ability to challenge his or her mentee in identifying a course of action to reach his or her goal(s). The focus is on learning the skills necessary for the path ahead. A mentor and mentee will work together in partnership to foster meaningful conversation rich with integrity. The quality of the mentoring relationship is driven by the mentee.The mentee has an essential and active role to facilitate the professional relationship.


Mentor opportunities may include:

• Job Shadowing 

• Giving back to your community and coaching a college student to success

• Awareness of your own professional knowledge, skills, and values

• Recruiting students for internships or jobs

• Offering advice on the transition from college to the workforce

Mentee opportunities may include:

 • Networking with professionals within your chosen career field

• Increase awareness on soft and hard skills that pertain to industry success

• Understanding of what day-to-day duty requirements are for various jobs

• Potential for further opportunities such as internships and jobs

• Higher levels of confidence and self advocacy

• Enriches college experience and increases professional credibility for future employment


What is Mentoring:

Areas of Mentoring:

Life Skills

These are skills that are highly important both professionally and personally. Mentorships that focus on skills  development help the mentee learn specific skill sets in order to develop him or herself,  add value to the progress on his or her career path. 

Skills needed to be successful are endless, but here are a few recommended focus areas:

Career Exploration and Self-Awareness



Important dates:

Jan. 26 | Final date for Mentee applications 

Nov. 20 | Final date for Mentor applications

Nov. 20-Feb. 2 | Mentee and Mentor interviews 

TBD  | Mentorship Orientation 

TBD | Mentorship Ceremony 

Please call the Career Development Office at 318-342-5338 to speak with Kristin Chandler, Mentorship Program Director, to discuss the possibilities of connecting with a ULM student/Alumni/Employer today!


Click here to submit a Mentee Application!

Deadline for application submissions is TBD

Mentee Handbook


Click here to submit a Mentor Application!

Deadline for application submissions is TBD 

Mentor Handbook