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Dental Hygiene

Our Mission

The Dental Hygiene Program, an educational section of the College of Health Sciences, derives its purposes and functions from the mission statements of The University of Louisiana at Monroe.

Our primary purpose is to provide quality education to all dental hygiene students, without discrimination, while recognizing and respecting the dignity of each individual.

To fulfill this purpose, we are committed to providing this education by promoting scholarly activity in dental hygiene theory and practice. We are committed to contributing to the oral health needs of the community by providing high quality care in a cost efficient manner. We promote the educational growth and development of each individual through lifelong learning.

Program Goal

The Dental Hygiene Program  is committed to educating dental health professionals who can function as members of the dental health team and who can provide oral health care in today's changing world. Intelligent problem solving and accountability are expected of each student who is enrolled in the Dental Hygiene program.

The program is committed to preparing students who will be able to perform these roles of clinician, change agent, educator/health promoter, researcher, and administrator, enabling them to meet the future oral health needs of society.

Program Goals