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University of Louisiana Monroe Harm Reduction Education and Referral for Opioid Overdose Reversal (ULM H.E.R.O.) Program aims to provide first responders and key community organizations with evidence-based educational programs on opioid reversal medications to reduce opioid overdose rates and increase referrals to treatment recovery centers in the greater Orleans Parish and Ouachita Parish. 



First objective is the creation of an adaptable risk-reduction curriculum tailored to different types of first responders that meet the unique needs of the state of Louisiana. This includes addressing stigma regarding opioid use, review of Louisiana legislation, how to use and teach how to use opioid reversal medications, and test strips, and building a network between first responders and local treatment/recover centers in the area.

Second objective is to educate at least 2,000 first responders by September 30th, 2026.

Third objective is to increase our collaborations with local treatment and recovery centers by 80%.



To implement evidence-based educational programs for community first responders (such as people who use drugs or people who may witness and respond to an overdose) to host 50 community events providing risk reduction education directly in underserved communities. 




To educate and train student first responders in healthcare programs to expand our reach into communities of need.



First Responders

We selected this unique population because students training in healthcare in our state typically stay within our state and come from rural, underserved parishes. The objective is to provide harm reduction education to at least 800 first responders-in-training by September 30, 2026. 
Faculty at the ULM College of Pharmacy and Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, Louisiana Campus are highly trained individuals in education who are passionate about the opioid epidemic and are eager to bring awareness to underserved communities. The number of people served will be 500 people in the first year, 750 people in the second and third years, and 1000 people in the fourth year. Click here for a list of upcoming community events which we will be attending, as well as summary reports of our progress thus far. 


H.E.R.O. - Recovery Center Partners





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