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Minors in Kinesiology

Purpose of the Coaching Pedagogy Minor

The purpose of the Kinesiology Program’s Coaching Pedagogy minor is to provide foundation skills and knowledge to those future educators who desire to take part in scholastic sport coaching. The minor will consist of 18-hours and will give students requisite understanding of the (a) various sports in local high schools and their respective rules, (b) technical aspect of sports, (c) strategies involved with game preparation, (d) conditioning required for athletes, and (e) safety concerns associated with practice and play.

The minor will consist of 15 hours of theory/content classes as well as a 3-hour internship in the sport of the student’s choice. The content classes will consist of pre-existing, online kinesiology classes that include KINS 3008 (Sport Facility Management), KINS 3010 (Sport and Fitness Psychology), KINS 3040 (Leadership in Sport Organizations), KINS 4020 (Legal & Ethical Issues in Sport), and KINS 4025 (Strength & Conditioning of Athletes). In addition, the students will complete the 3-credit hour, 110-hour internship (KINS 4035) in which the student will intern with a coach of their choosing in either a scholastic sport setting. The result will be an 18-hour Coaching Pedagogy minor that will serve the needs of current ULM students interested in coaching scholastic sport.


Courses for the Minor in Coaching Pedagogy

KINS 3010 Sport and Fitness Psychology                

KINS 3040 Leadership in Sport Organizations                                 

KINS 4020 Legal and Ethical Issues in Sport                                   

KINS 3008 Sport Facility Management                    

KINS 4025 Strength & Conditioning of Athletes     

KINS 4033 Practicum in Physical Education