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10 things you might consider doing during Fall Break

Published October 20, 2016


Fall break is here, and while many students rushed home or took an exciting trip, you had to stay here. This might be due to the study-load or simply due to the long distance from home.

Whatever the reason is, you are here, and you might be wondering what to do. Well, there is quite a lot to do, but to make the choices easier, we narrowed the options down to 10 places you might want to consider visiting over the break.

1.Kayaking at Wesley Foundation

There is not a better way to explore the campus and its surrounding beauty than by water.

The Wesley Foundation, located on campus by Strauss Hall, offers free kayaks and pedal boards for students to engage in fun and exciting adventures on beautiful Bayou DeSiard.

2. The Masur Museum of Art

The Masur Museum of Art is the largest collecting and exhibiting visual arts museum in Northeast Louisiana.

The museum’s building is truly unique, dating from 1914, when it was built in a modified Tudor style to fit the needs of the Masur family who in 1963 gave the building to the city of Monroe. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Possessing pieces of well-known artists such as Pablo Picasso, Salvadore Dali, Auguste Rodin, and Philip Guston, the museum makes a perfect destination for students to come and see a piece of the world’s culture here in Monroe.

3. Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Showcasing Louisiana swamps and cypress trees, the 5,300-acre refuge provides habitat for waterfowl, endangered wildlife, neo-tropical migrants and resident wildlife.

The refuge offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities, including fishing, hunting, canoeing, and more, as well as a great spot for students to spend time in nature and learn more about the flora and fauna of the state of Louisiana. 

4. The Biedenharn Museum & Gardens

The Biedenharn Museum & Gardens is a home museum and botanical garden built in 1913 as a private home by Joseph A. Biedenharn, also known as the first person to ever bottle Coca-Cola in the summer of 1894.

The museum complex includes four exhibits open to visitors: the tour of the house, the tour of the botanical garden, the Bible museum, and the Coca-Cola museum.

5. Forsythe Park

The 53 acres of green field, located on the bank of the Ouachita River, is equipped with picnic areas and tables overlooking the river. 

Soccer and softball fields, tennis and beach volleyball courts, jogging paths, bike trails and more, makes the park a perfect spot for those who like to stay active. The park also features a children’s park. 

6. Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo

The zoo is one of the main attractions in northeast Louisiana with almost 100,000 visits annually, and it is a perfect place for students to take field trips or simply enjoy a day with friends and family while observing over 500 animals.

 Visitors can take a walk through the zoo trails, or have fun by exploring the zoo in unordinary, but very unique ways – train rides, horse rides, or even boat rides, allowing visitors to see the animals not visible otherwise.

7. Chennault Aviation Museum

A great place for students to learn about local and world history—including ULM’s history! ULM’s “Warhawk” mascot takes its name from the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk fighter plane, best remembered as the aircraft flown during WWII by the “Flying Tigers,” or American Volunteer Group (AVG), led by General Claire Lee Chennault. It was the P-40 Warhawk and the heroism of General Chennault that served as the inspiration behind the selection of the Warhawk mascot ten years ago.

The museum opened in 2000 and is hosted in a historically significant building that originally served as an Army-Air force school during the WWII.

With its 11,000 showpieces, the museum offers a wide collection of items dating back from the WWII to the recent terrorist-combats. The museum also offers exhibits dedicated to the space program, including items used in various space missions.

8. Antique Alley

Antique Alley is the cultural center of the city that might as well be called the city’s soul, with many buildings dating back from 1859, offering a unique shopping experience.

The district offers over 40 shops, including antique malls, restaurants, individual antique stores, other specialty shops, and a bed and breakfast.

9. Landry Vineyard

Tours of the winery, its vineyards and beautiful tasting rooms are just the basics available to visitors, as the winery frequently organizes different events to gather the community.

A variety of classic rock concert will be held this Saturday, October 22 from 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Visitors are welcome to bring their own lawn chairs and blankets to enjoy the concert with a glass of wine while seated comfortably.

10. Kiroli Park

Kiroli Park offers 150 acres of green fields and forests easy to explore through paved streets and long trails allowing hiking adventures.

Nature’s beauty provides something for everyone. The park includes children playgrounds, tennis courts, a unique conservatory, numerous gardens, picnic areas, two lakes perfect for fishing, and even a dog park.