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ULM begins exchange program with South Korean university

Published September 26, 2013

Officials with the University of Louisiana at Monroe and Geumgang University (GGU) in South Korea signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Thursday Sept. 26, joining the two institutions in an agreement of academic cooperation.

Photo of ULM President Dr. Nick J. Bruno and GGU President Dr. Byung-Jo Chung
ULM President Dr. Nick J. Bruno and GGU President Dr. Byung-Jo Chung
present the MOU.

“ULM is always looking for ways to expand our reach and to make connections with other universities across the globe,” said ULM President Dr. Nick J. Bruno.

“It is a great achievement for us to continue to create partnerships with international universities and increase our international student enrollment, as it broadens our cultural impact here on campus, and provides our students with a more global academic and social experience.” 

As stated in the MOU, the two universities share common interests in developing bilateral relationships and believe cooperation between institutes of higher learning contributes to cultural enrichment, scientific progress, and the consolidation of friendship.

“This MOU is not only a student exchange program but also a faculty and staff exchange,” said Dr. Kioh Kim, assistant professor of curriculum, leadership and instruction at ULM

“It includes joint research projects, lectures, symposia, seminars, workshops, and more.”

The five-year agreement also allows the two universities to exchange academic information and materials, and collaborate on instructional and cultural programs including publications, and information networks.

“Geumgang University is one of the leading private universities in South Korea,” continued Kim.

Photo of Dr. Kioh Kim

“The university, established in 2002, has a top notch educational environment with developed facilities and technology. The academic level of the Geumgang students is outstanding. By bringing students from Geumgang University, ULM students and faculty will experience different aspects of culture and education. Some students will also conduct internships at local industries and companies, broadening their cultural immersion.”

GGU President Dr. Byung-Jo Chung spoke positively about the agreement and offered ULM students a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“Since we offer full-tuition, room, and board for our students, we will do the same for any ULM student that participates in this exchange program,” he said.

GGU will send 10-20 students for short, one to two-month periods for intensive English as a Second Language courses. Two to four students will be selected for longer one to two-year periods for graduate study.

GGU students will begin arriving in summer 2014 and will live on the ULM campus.

ULM students chosen to visit GGU will be chosen by committee.

“I will see which majors Geumgang University is seeking,” said Kim. “I will then advertise university wide. After that, candidates will be chosen by the ULM international studies committee.”

ULM currently has active exchange agreements with Ehime University in Japan, Hanbat National University in South Korea, and Chungnam National University in South Korea. 

For more information on ULM exchange programs, visit ulm.edu/cehd/internationalstudents.html