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ULM Water Ski wins South Central Regionals

Published October 7, 2013

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The University of Louisiana at Monroe National Champion Water Ski Team has come one step closer to their ultimate goal—a 25th National Championship—with a win at the South Central Regional Tournament in San Marcos, Texas.

ULM Water Ski defeated the University of Louisiana at Lafayette by 80 points in the overall team standings.  

Photo of Treina Landrum

“It was a good competition and we are pleased with the victory and gearing up for the National Championship Tournament next week,” said Water Ski Team coach, Treina Landrum.  

The ULM men won the men’s competition over ULL and the ULM women placed second behind ULL.

The four other teams heading to nationals from the couth central region include, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Texas State University, Texas A&M University, and the University of Texas.

ULM Water Ski leaves Monday, Oct. 14, to compete for their 25th National Championship, held in El Centro, Calif. at Imperial Lakes.

For a full listing of results, visit usawaterski.org/rankings/scorebks/14U036CS.HTM