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Job platform unveiled at ULM

Published October 9, 2013

Employers in north Louisiana got the first peek at a job search platform offered to students by the University of Louisiana System—MyEdu—which was unveiled at the University of Louisiana at Monroe on Monday, Oct. 7.

The UL System’s partnership with MyEdu allows students to utilize services at no cost, giving them immediate exposure to hundreds of companies throughout Louisiana and the nation.

Photo of Dr. Nick J. Bruno

“We hope to provide a resource to area employers that can match ULM graduates with jobs that are available within this region,” said ULM President Dr. Nick J. Bruno.

“Students are assisted by MyEdu in compiling an in-depth look at their interest, skills, and training that allows an employer to find a candidate that is perfect for the job and their particular job culture.”

Firms with large hiring needs, such as CenturyLink, Vantage Health Care, St. Francis Medical Center, Glenwood Medical Center, Regions Bank, Chase Bank and others were on hand as the web-based tool was introduced by UL System President Dr. Sandra K. Woodley and the Vice President and General Manager of MyEdu Careers Deepak Surana.

Photo of Dr. Sandra Woodley

“A recent national study found that over half of recent graduates were either unemployed or not working in a job consistent with their degree. We are determined to make sure this does not happen to our students,” Woodley said.

MyEdu is designed to connect the system’s 90,000 students with employers as they progress through their academic journey.

By leveraging the scale of the UL System’s nine universities and the power of the MyEdu platform, students will have the tools to be able to complete their degrees in less time, establish a professional profile to better represent their skills and expertise, and connect with employers, internships, and jobs early in their academic journey.

According to Woodley, the goal of the partnership is to make it easier for students to establish goals that will lead them to a meaningful career, stay on track with courses, find exciting internships in their field, and connect with potential employers early in their college years.

“We are excited about these innovative tools because we think they will make a difference for our students, and student success is our highest priority. Another high priority is meeting workforce demand and this initiative gives employers a smarter, more efficient way to recruit the talent they need,” said Woodley.

Because of joint efforts between the UL System and MyEdu, even more students will be joining and creating profiles to tell their stories in ways that traditional résumés can't.

About The University of Louisiana System
The University of Louisiana System is Louisiana's largest higher education system enrolling over 92,000 students at the following nine universities: Grambling State University, Louisiana Tech University, McNeese State University, Nicholls State University, Northwestern State University, Southeastern Louisiana University, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, the University of Louisiana at Monroe, and the University of New Orleans.

About myEdu
MyEdu is the top destination for college students to manage their academic journey, build their first professional profile, and connect with employers.

From the day they begin college students can utilize myEdu's data-rich applications to plan their course of study, visually display their skills and credentials, connect with hiring managers and secure jobs and internships. The platform is currently used by more than 1 million students across thousands of campuses nationwide and has been endorsed by corporations and major higher education institutions for its mission to increase Return on Education (ROE).

MyEdu is based in Austin, Texas and backed by the University of Texas System and Bain Capital Ventures.

Visit MyEdu.com for more information.

About Employer Marketplace:
MyEdu is available at 800 higher education institutions and throughout the country and offers students access to millions of jobs and internships from top college recruiters like AT&T, New York Life, Polaris and others.

MyEdu's academic, profile, and job matching tools are offered free to institutions and students. MyEdu's employer customers pay to post highly targeted jobs and internships as well as build mentoring relationships with students, helping them to build the skills and talents necessary for success in their career.

“We are excited to partner with the University of Louisiana System who shares our mission to support student success from enrollment to employment,” said Michael Crosno, Chairman and CEO of MyEdu.

“Employers have told us that the key to hiring students who have the right skills and talents to be successful is building a relationship early in their academic journey. They are excited about this unique opportunity to connect with students across the UL System.”

For a demonstration contact MyEdu at sales@myedu.com