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Karlowitz named Louisiana's post-secondary Technology Teacher of the Year

Published January 17, 2014

The Louisiana Association of Computer Using Educators (LACUE) has named ULM's Paul Karlowitz post-secondary Technology Teacher of the Year for the entire state of Louisiana.

Photo of Paul Karlowitz

Karlowitz had previously been named the regional post-secondary Technology Teacher of the Year for northeastern Louisiana in December 2013.

Following his award for regional teacher of the year, Karlowitz admitted he was “elated” when he found out about the award.

“Professionally, it’s always wonderful to be recognized for your efforts in teaching using technology,” said Karlowitz.

“The use of computer technology is making it easier for me to relate and connect with my students…[these] awards validate my belief that we need to embrace technology in our personal lives and use it to engage our students,” he added.

LACUE is the most active organization of teachers in Louisiana.

Karlowitz has taught at ULM for 15 years.

He is responsible for setting up the new ULM unmanned aircraft (drone) program. He graduated from then Northeast Louisiana University, with a bachelor of science in physics and math.

He then joined the Air Force and was a pilot of various aircrafts until his retirement in 1991.

Karlowitz received his master of science in aviation at Central Missouri State University.