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ULM prepares for Miss Louisiana contestants

Published June 13, 2014

For the last 10 years, the University of Louisiana at Monroe has hosted the contestants for the Miss Louisiana Pageant. Beginning June 23, ULM welcomes 32 contestants and the Miss Louisiana Organization to its campus.

Providing housing accommodations, rehearsal space, dining options and a short commute to Monroe’s Jack Howard Theater—the site of the three-day competition—ULM has become the hub for all things Miss Louisiana.


“Miss Louisiana is the most exciting part of the summer; it’s like getting a second Super Bowl in a year,” says Laura Knotts, director of Student Life and Leadership at ULM.

Throughout the duration of competition week, contestants enjoy a campus tour, a welcome luncheon, a fashion show, and are provided accommodations in ULM’s Bayou Suites.

ULM is no stranger to Miss Louisiana. Four of the last five winners have been ULM students or graduates, and ULM offers a variety of donations to the scholarship pageant.

The winner of the pageant becomes a resident of the university, staying in ULM’s Bayou Village apartment complex throughout the entirety of her reign.

For more information about the Miss Louisiana Pageant, visit misslouisiana.com