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ULM communication professors present seminars in France

Published May 07, 2015

Dr. Mara Loeb, an associate professor of communication at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, and Dr. C. Turner Steckline Wilson, an associate professor of communication at ULM, recently traveled to France to conduct courses at Paris University of Leonardo da Vinci (PULV).

Both instructors taught seminars to students from various parts of Europe.


Loeb’s course, titled “Intercultural Communication,” was designed to provide students with an overview of the study of communication and culture. Steckline’s course, titled “Health Literacy,” provided four types of skill sets that comprise health literacy.

Steckline commented, “There was a lot of opportunity to meet the other faculty, to see the campus, to sight-see, and to explore the beautiful city of Paris.”

With these international lectures, Loeb and Steckline were able to gain exposure with the students, faculty, and staff that attended International Week at PULV.

In addition, the interactions gave the faculty a chance to exchange ideas and discuss topics such as arts, politics, and various teaching methods and challenges.

“This opportunity allowed students to work with a faculty member from the United States, creating opportunities to explore communication, and cultural difference and similarity,” said Loeb.

Steckline hopes the School of Humanities, and the entire College of Arts, Education, and Sciences does more recruiting, networking, and exchange with PULV.

“I hope ULM students decide to take advantage of our agreement to study in Paris for a semester,” Loeb said. “It would be an amazing education and life-enhancing experience.”