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Ouachita Parish Women’s Republican Club establishes endowment at ULM

Published May 08, 2015

During a special meeting of the University of Louisiana at Monroe Foundation, the Ouachita Parish Women’s Republican Club announced that their endowed scholarship had grown to $60,000, allowing them to convert it into a First Generation Undergraduate Endowed Scholarship.

At the $60,000 level, the scholarship is now eligible to receive the Board of Regent’s $40,000 match, creating a $100,000 Endowed Scholarship through the Louisiana Education Quality Support Fund.


The scholarship will serve students who are the first of their immediate family to obtain a college degree.

“This money will help our students in completing their academic goals. I want to thank the Women’s Republican Club for their continued support, and for always doing the right thing when it comes to our university,” said ULM President Dr. Nick J. Bruno.


Kay Kellogg Katz, former Louisiana Representative and current president of the Women’s Republican Club said the scholarship is over 30 years in the making. The group was able to grow the endowment due largely in part to the club’s yearly $7.50 salad luncheon fundraiser, which has been held since 1983.

“A small organization had a great plan,” she said. “If you have that plan and continue with it and persevere, it can grow into something quite grand.”

“There have been a large number of women over the years that have contributed to this and I think it’s very exciting; we believe in it,” Katz said. “We believe in education, we believe in our young people, and we know what the university does for the economy in this area…this all helps make a better community.”