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Child development center director honored by Mayoral committee

Published July 21, 2015

Emily Williamson, director of the University of Louisiana at Monroe Child Development Center, will be honored July 21, as the recipient of the Distinguished Service Award presented by the Twin Cities Mayor’s Committee on Disabilities.


“I am very humbled by this recognition,” said Williamson. “Promoting inclusion in schools, early intervention, and supporting the whole family unit of a person with disabilities is vital.”

The Distinguished Service Award recognizes an individual who excels in their effort to promote improvement of community life for persons with disabilities. 

“The disability of a loved one impacts each member of a family unit differently,” she continued. “As educators, we have to work together with families, therapists, and early interventionists to support individuals with disabilities to help them be successful.  Each one of these groups cannot work in isolation, they must collaborate, and that is the key to supporting persons with disabilities.”

Promoting improvement of community life includes adding curb cuts and ramps; promoting inclusion and public acceptance; and enriching sensory experiences, daily living and family life for those with disabilities.

Esther McGee, awards dinner program committee chair said, “When we read Mrs. Williamson’s nomination submitted by Stacey Coco Knight, we realized quickly what a phenomenon Mrs. Williamson is and that she was just the person we would love to recognize.”