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ULM Feminist Series 2016

Published February 2, 2016

Monroe, La. — The ULM English Program in the School of Humanities presents the series “Equality Across the Disciplines: Am I a Feminist?”

Over the next few months the series will include several free events including lectures, panel forums, and multiple social activities. The feminist series will discuss major issues that have inundated our society since the beginning of the 21st century, while outlining sexual health and promoting activism.

English instructor Jaleesa Harris believes that “this series will allow students, who like me, share many feminist beliefs, but lacked the exposure and the creativity to explore what feminism truly means to them.”

In addition, English faculty and students have combined forces and coined the term “Fem-Hawks” to allow students to identify with one another without setting a base standard with gender, race and history. 

Meredith McKinnie, English instructor said that “the goal is to break trends and bring awareness on societal norms that have altered our ways of thinking.” With this thought in mind the Fem-Hawks are planning to educate, excite and dim the negative light that has shined on feminism.

The series kicks off in February with Pink Bag Days and performance of the epic Vagina Monologues play written by Eve Ensler.

Other events include the following:

Dr. Will Rogers will give a talk on, “Pink Bag Day: There’s No F in LGBTQ+? Finding Space for Queer Identities in Feminism” at 2:00p.m., on Feb. 2, Walker Hall, Room 2-95.

Dr. Mary Adams will discuss, “Problems Faced by women in the developing World” at 2:00p.m., on Feb. 16, Walker Hall, Room 3-53

Misrepresentation Documentary Showing, at 6:00p.m., on Feb. 18, Stubbs, Room 100.

Cyndi Rogers will present, “It’s A Man’s World, Really?” Advancement of Women in Leadership Roles at 6:00p.m., on Feb. 23, Library, Room 3-A.

Vagina Monologues Performance, at 7:00p.m., on Feb. 25 in Stubbs, Room 100.

Vagina Monologues Performance, at 6:00p.m., on Feb. 27 at Off-Campus (Upstairs Gallery).

Students, Faculty, and the community are welcome to attend to the events. For more information about the upcoming events, please contact Meredith McKinnie, at mckinnie@ulm.edu, or at 342-1552 or Arely Castillo, at castillo@ulm.edu or at 342-1296.