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9,290 students at ULM for fall 2017

Published September 13, 2017

“Tuesday we released the final, official enrollment numbers for 2017. We’re up again, 2 percent at 9,290, which is the highest in 10 years,” said President Nick J. Bruno. 

The 2017 figure is an increase of 175 students over 2016’s 9,115 students. The fall 2015 number was 8,854.

“That is a 9 percent gain over a three-year period,” he said. 

The strong enrollment figures came on the same day U.S. News & World Reports classified ULM as a National University for the second year in a row.

The announcements complimented each other and reiterated the fact that ULM is growing in students and in reputation.

“It is most important that everyone understand, this is coming at a time when the state’s resources are low. Recognition like this just doesn’t happen. We’ve done more with less and have (done so) for 10 years,” Bruno said.

Also increasing this semester is eULM enrollment at 1,258. That is a 3 percent increase over 2016’s 1,222.

“eULM’s growth shows how important it is that we continue the outreach to nontraditional students and adult learners who must have an alternative to classes on campus,” said Bruno.

Enrollment by student credit hours saw the largest increase in Health and Pharmaceutical Sciences with an increase of 1,098 hours over 2016. The College of Business and Social Sciences saw an increase of 448 hours.

The rise in credit hours confirms Bruno’s assessment of subjects which are in demand. 

“The Health Sciences are taking all the students they can now. Risk Management Insurance is a growing program and the MPA is at capacity,” he said.

“We look at the numbers and ask, ‘What do we need to do?’” he said.

All 64 parishes in the state are represented this semester. Ouachita has the most students at 3,062, followed by Richland with 387 and then Rapides with 364.

There are students from 43 states outside of Louisiana. The greatest number comes from Texas at 252, followed by Mississippi at 110.

Students from 48 countries outside the U.S. attend ULM. The country of Nepal has the largest number of international students with 179. The next closest is a tie between Nigeria and Saudi Arabia with 13 each.

Students at the University of Louisiana Monroe walk across the Bayou DeSiard bridge to Fant-Ewing Coliseum for Convocation. This year’s fall 2017 enrollment of 9,290 is the highest in 10 years. Emerald McIntyre/ULM Photo Services