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ULM, Centenary College create pathway for students seeking pharmacy degree

Published September 13, 2019

Memorandum of understanding allows qualified students to interview for ULM Pharm.D. program

A memorandum of understanding with the University of Louisiana Monroe and Centenary College in Shreveport has been established guaranteeing Centenary students an interview with the ULM College of Pharmacy for the Pharm. D. degree program, provided they have completed the required prerequisite courses and met the minimum application requirements.



PHOTO:Signing a memorandum of understanding providing for Centenary College students who meet prerequisite courses and other qualifications to interview for acceptance in the ULM College of Pharmacy Pharm.D. program were, from left, seated, Centenary President Christopher L. Holoman and President Nick J. Bruno, and standing, Centenary Provost and Dean of the College Dr. Karen Soul, Centenary Professor of Biology Dr. Scott Chirhart, Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Alberto Ruiz,  College of Pharmacy Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Michael Cockerham and College of Pharmacy Dean Dr. H. Glenn Anderson.

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The agreement was formalized Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019, in a signing ceremony at ULM by President Nick J. Bruno and Centenary President Dr. Christopher L. Holoman.

In addition to the presidents, leaders from both institutions were present, including from the College of Pharmacy Dean Dr. H. Glenn Anderson and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Dr. Michael Cockerham, and from Centenary, Provost and Dean of the College Dr. Karen Soul and Professor of Biology Dr. Scott Chirhart.

Bruno spoke on the significance of ULM and Centenary collaborating to establish this agreement.

“It’s always a great day on the bayou when we can forge a partnership with another institution of higher education that is mutually beneficial,” Bruno said. “Thank you, Dr. Holoman, for your leadership at Centenary, and all those who put this memorandum of understanding together that will provide more opportunities for Centenary students to move toward our College of Pharmacy. We look forward to having Centenary students on ULM’S campus very soon.”

Holoman said the agreement is a “milestone” for both ULM and Centenary.

“This partnership reflects a mutual admiration between our institutions for the quality of Centenary students and the ULM Doctor of Pharmacy program,” said Holoman. “It also marks another way in which Centenary is preparing our students for outstanding graduate education and meaningful careers. Our state and region need caring and skilled pharmacists and Centenary is proud to help meet that need.”

College of Pharmacy Dean Dr. H. Glenn Anderson said the connection between the two institutions overcomes the barrier of distance and benefits the institutions, students, state and the citizens.

“It’s part of our vision to allow any student who has a goal, a desire, to be a pharmacist to provide pathways for them to do that,” Anderson said. “Our college has a mission to, one, produce the best pharmacists that we can for our state, and two, do everything we can to improve the health of Louisianians.”

Centenary students pursuing the ULM Pharm. D. degree will complete all required undergraduate prerequisite courses, following a curriculum that includes biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics core courses as well as humanities, fine arts, and social science electives. Students must earn a 3.5 GPA at Centenary for all prerequisite courses outlined in the agreement and must earn a score of at least 50 on the Pharmacy College Admission Test to proceed to the interview stage of the ULM College of Pharmacy admission cycle.

For more information about the ULM Pharm D. preferred admission program at Centenary, contact professor of biology Scott Chirhart at schirhar@centenary.edu. For information on the ULM College of Pharmacy, contact Dr. Michael Cockerham, cockerham@ulm.edu.

About Centenary College of Louisiana

Centenary College of Louisiana is a selective, residential, national liberal arts college affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Founded in 1825, it is the oldest chartered liberal arts college west of the Mississippi River and is a member of the Associated Colleges of the South. 

About University of Louisiana Monroe College of Pharmacy

On August 11, 1956, the Louisiana State Board of Education approved a school of pharmacy at the University of Louisiana Monroe, which at that time was Northeast Louisiana State College. By July of 1959, the school received full accreditation. In July of 2005, the school became the College of Pharmacy. The ULM College of Pharmacy is Louisiana’s only publicly supported center for pharmacy education and research in the state. For more information, visit, ulm.edu/pharmacy.