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School of Allied Health names first recipient of Outstanding Faculty Award – Recognition of Excellence

Published Aug. 26, 2020

The University of Louisiana Monroe School of Allied Health (SOAH) under the College of Health Sciences (CHS) is pleased to announce the new Outstanding Faculty Award—Recognition of Excellence. This annual award recognizes the successes and outstanding work of a full-time faculty member.

The Outstanding Faculty Award—Recognition of Excellence honoree, demonstrates exceptional:

  • Teaching effectiveness, solid command of the subject, innovative classroom methods, guidance in independent student work, ability to engage students in the learning process 

  • Professional activities and development, including involvement in research, publications, and participation in professional organizations

  • Service as mentor to faculty and/or students, including presence in the department providing a model for students and contributions to the SOAH/CHS 

  • Service to the community including the SOAH/CHS which has improved the quality of the institution and the community outside the campus

The Spring 2020 Outstanding Faculty Award recipient is Kimberly Theodos, J.D., M.S. 


Theodos, an Assistant Professor in Health Studies, describes herself as a “passionate educator” who feels a strong obligation to provide students with the best, most current information in healthcare and always to make her students feel important.

On the first day of every class, she tells students, “I love my job, and that is the absolute truth!” Her extremely high teaching evaluations and student reflections are evident of her strong commitment to students. 

Theodos has a diverse educational background, including a Juris Doctorate and a Master of Science in Healthcare Management, which has provided her with distinct opportunities through contributions to textbooks and manuscripts. She has given many high-level national presentations, several in Washington, D.C., with prominent elected officials in the audience such as Newt Gingrich and Nancy Pelosi.  

The Health Studies faculty considers Theodos a very talented teacher who exemplifies the essence of innovative teaching. 

 “I am truly thankful for this special recognition by my peers in the SOAH. I am honored to have this type of support and encouragement from my colleagues as we all work toward creating an unparalleled learning environment for ULM students,” Theodos said.

The new Dean for the College of Health Sciences, Donald Simpson, Ph.D., stated, “Kim teaches not only topics associated with healthcare law, ethics, and management, but also personal growth, tenacity, and professionalism in the Health Studies program. She is committed to our students, understands their goals, and is diligent about removing any perceived barriers to their academic success.”

The Spring 2020 SOAH Outstanding Faculty Award nominees



Nominees for the award included Carolyn Murphy, Ph.D., Occupational Therapy, and Jennifer Whited, Ph.D., Speech-Language Pathology.

“The College of Health Sciences congratulates our Outstanding Faculty winner Kimberly Theodos and our faculty nominees, Carolyn Murphy and Jennifer Whited, who have achieved this noteworthy recognition. It is our hope that these recognitions signal the College of Health Sciences’ commitment to excellence in teaching, to reward faculty in those endeavors, and to promote distinction in teaching among other faculty,” Simpson said.

Recognizing the SOAH Awards Committee

Last year, the SOAH Awards Committee was formed, and the members designed and implemented several new award categories, one being the Outstanding Faculty Award. 

A special acknowledgment to all committee members for their comprehensive work on this project over the past two years goes to, Donna Eichhorn, Occupational Therapy, Yolanda Dupree, Ph.D., Counseling, Emily Mike, Ph.D. – Occupational Therapy, Amanda Richardson – Dental Hygiene, Becky Pickering – Speech-Language Pathology, and Theresa Thomas, Ph.D. – Marriage and Family Therapy. These committee members spent much time by first identifying the premise of the award, followed by the design and implementation of policies, criteria, and evaluation rubrics. 

As the chair of the SOAH Awards Committee, Jessica Dolecheck, Ph.D., noted, “I am honored to chair this important committee work for our school and excited about the potential these awards have on recognition for our faculty and the college.”