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Building access guidelines

Published March 25, 2020

Dear faculty and staff,

The university campus is currently closed to the general public but remains open to essential employees who are arriving daily to complete necessary university business.

It is extremely important to utilize ID card access ONLY. If your ID card is not working, please contact your department head for guidance.

Employees that are coming to campus during work hours must vacate your building promptly at 5:00pm every day. Any employee needing access to a building after 5:00pm will need permission from their Vice President who will then forward the request to the Director of University Police Tom Torregrossa (torregrossa@ulm.edu).

UPD is asking that at no point does any employee unlock a door and secure the crash bar in the open position allowing for total access. Once the crash bar is placed in the open and/or locked position, one would only have to pull open the door to gain entry. 

Facility Managers are checking the doors to confirm that they are operating correctly.

The University Police Department will continue to assist employees during this time. 


Tom Torregrossa

Director of University Police