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ULM Career Center Fall 2020 Career Month

Published Sept. 10, 2020

The 2020 Fall Career Month is near and it's time for you to register! The ULM Career Center host the all majors fair every semester for current ULM Students and Alumni. Though Covid-19 has caused us to social distance, Handshake has provided the Virtual Career Fair Experience to ensure you all have an opportunity to explore possible careers and be recruited.

The virtual career fair experience is new to us all, so it will be crucial for you to read all of the Career Center emails and watch any registration/recruitment tutorials provided by Handshake.
Registration Information (Must Read):
  • In order to register for the fair, you must log in to your Handshake account. The Career Fair will take place virtually in Handshake. If you haven't activated your account, you can click here (Activate Handshake) Sign up with your "Warhawk Email" only in the middle on the screen.

  • Once you're logged in click on the "Events" tab, click on the "University of Louisiana Monroe - Virtual Fall Fair and register. Once you are registered, you can then start signing up for 1:1 sessions or group sessions with employers. Please watch 5min tutorial below for more assistance:

Virtual Career Fair: A-How-To-Guide-for-Students
Career Fair Ready:

As you attend the Career Fair, there are several things you need to know to be career-ready:
  • It is NOT a requirement, but you are highly encouraged to complete your Handshake Profile, especially since we are using the virtual platform this year. Employers can search/review your profile & resume on Handshake.

  • Be sure to review the employer list and research the companies that you've signed up with before you meet with them

  • Be sure to upload your Professionally Reviewed Resume to your Handshake profile or have it ready to send to employers by email, in case they ask for it. You can get your resume professionally reviewed by the ULM Career Center by appointment only, due to COVID-19. Please be advised that September is our Career Month so our office hours may be limited due to events and workshops.

  • DRESS CODE VIRTUALLY = BUSINESS CASUAL. Though you will be speaking with employers virtually, you want to dress and look the part. If your bottom half does not match the top half be mindful of your camera view.

  • Limit all distractions. During your One-on-One sessions, make sure to have a clean background, limit noise, & make sure you have a good internet connection.

If you have any questions about how to navigate your Handshake account or about the career fair, please call the ULM Career Center at 318-342-5338 or email careercener@ulm.edu 
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