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ULM, LDCC to sign MOU Tuesday for 'Bridging the Bayou' program

Published Sept. 21, 2020

The University of Louisiana Monroe and Delta Community College will sign a Memorandum of Understanding at 10 a.m., Tuesday, Sept. 22 in The Terrace, seventh floor of the ULM Library.


On Sept. 4, 2020, The University of Louisiana Monroe and Louisiana Delta Community College were granted approval by the University of Louisiana Board of Supervisors to enter into a partnership to offer a bridge program for LDCC students wishing to transfer to ULM. 


Bridging the Bayou is a partnership between ULM and LDCC and will expand student access with a streamlined transfer process into a baccalaureate program at ULM. 


“The Bridging the Bayou program will allow students to attend LDCC to complete coursework needed to seamlessly transfer to ULM while also giving them a chance to take part in the University experience,” stated President Ron Berry, “We are excited to partner with LDCC and work more closely with them to provide students access to educational opportunities so they can pursue their dreams. Higher education must be innovative and offer unique programs like Bridging the Bayou to meet the unique needs of our students.”


This partnership will allow students to successfully complete developmental coursework and other general education coursework at LDCC to be eligible for transfer to ULM. Students will also have an opportunity to complete an associate degree with LDCC. LDCC faculty will teach the developmental and general education courses at ULM and LDCC.  


Bridging the Bayou students will have access to ULM campus resources and services such as the ULM Activity Center, on-campus housing, ULM Library, computer labs and university events. 


"The experience LDCC and ULM are providing students through this partnership is transformative. It allows us to meet students' academic needs without disrupting their much-anticipated college experience. Solutions, as such, are reflective of institutions willing to put the needs of students first. We're thankful for our partnership with ULM, and we look forward to serving the students of northeast Louisiana," expressed Interim Chancellor Chris Broadwater.


The official signing of the memorandum of understanding will be at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 22 at in the Terrace on the seventh floor of the ULM Library.