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ULM announces 2020 Foundation Awards for Excellence recipients

Published April 1, 2021

University of Louisiana Monroe President Ron Berry announces the 2020 Foundation Awards for Excellence recipients. Four faculty and one staff member were selected based on the overall effectiveness in their field and contributions to the university.


2020 Foundation Awards for Excellence


Award for Excellence in Research - Todd Murphy, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Atmospheric Science, School of Sciences, College of Arts, Education, and Sciences

Todd Murphy







Award for Excellence in Service – Anthony Walker, Pharm.D., Clinical Associate Professor, School of Clinical Sciences, College of Pharmacy

Anthony Walker







Award for Excellence in Teaching – Shannon Banks, Instructor, School of Basic Pharmaceutical and Toxicological Sciences, College of Pharmacy

Shannon Banks







Award for Excellence in Creative/Artistic Activity –Scot Humes, D.M.A., Associate Professor of Music, School of Visual and Performing Arts, College of Arts, Education, and Sciences

Scot Humes







Award for Service by Unclassified Staff – Marcia Wells, Manager of Technology Services, Pharmacy Administration, College of Pharmacy

Marcia Wells








Dean Glenn Anderson, Pharm.D., said the College of Pharmacy is made up of remarkable people, and the three recipients are deserving of the honor.


“The College of Pharmacy is blessed with dedicated colleagues who exhibit discipline mastery daily. The challenge is not in identifying stars, but yet those stars who shine brightest. I am proud that Mr. Banks, Ms. Wells, and Dr. Walker received ULM Foundation Awards of Excellence as these individuals make a difference daily, are superstars for the college, and their recognition is well deserved,” Anderson said.


Dean John Pratte, Ph.D., of the College of Arts, Education, and Sciences, said the recipients are outstanding in their fields.


“Dr. Murphy was able to secure funding from the National Science Foundation to research last year’s Easter Day tornadoes less than a week after the event. The only people that the NSF funds that quickly are researchers who have a great reputation and great ideas,” said Pratte.  “We are very fortunate to have a world-renowned clarinetist like Dr. Humes at ULM. His creative endeavors have opened up educational opportunities that we would not be able to provide to students if he were not here.”


The recipients will be recognized at a ceremony during the Fall 2021 semester. Due to COVID-19, the presentation of awards was postponed.