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ULM creates partnership with Chennault Aviation and Military Museum

Published December 15, 2022

Chennault MOU

CAPTION: (L-R) Judge Elvis Stout, Hollie Boudreaux, Nell Calloway, Dr. Mark Arant, Dr. Ronald Berry

MONROE, LA – The University of Louisiana Monroe signed a memorandum of understanding with The Chennault Aviation and Military Museum on December 9. ULM Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Mark Arant and Chennault Museum President Nell Calloway spoke at the ceremony announcing the agreement. 

“This collaboration provides ULM students with vital service-learning experiences in which they can increase their knowledge while advancing a local legacy,” said Arant. “Our employers are looking for students that have practical experience and community engagement.  This opportunity combines those expectations into one great experience,” he added.  

“This MOU will be a bridge to enhance the student learning process and drive recognition of our historical milestones in aviation and military accomplishments,” said Calloway. “As a partnership, we can reach more audiences and achieve more positive outcomes while giving a better appreciation for our men and women who have served in our military. The Warhawk mascot represents a legacy that faculty, students, and our community can be very proud to represent,” she said.  

Collaborative projects described in the MOU include consultation on building projects with the ULM Construction Management program, student picnics hosted at CAMM Aviation Park, student internships, the collection of oral histories, and assisting with museum curation. ULM students will also have the opportunity to volunteer at CAMM events such as their annual air shows. There will also be ULM ROTC presence at CAMM events.  

The agreement is established for five years, at which point it will be re-evaluated and potentially renewed for an additional five years.