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ULM restructures office to expand, enhance services for international students

Published Feb. 1, 2022


Students at the Liew International Student Center raise the flags representing the home countries of many students at the University of Louisiana Monroe

Siddarth Gaulee/ULM Photo Services


The University of Louisiana Monroe has restructured the former Office of International Services into two divisions. This move will expand and enhance services for ULM international students.


The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, under Executive Director Pamela Higgins Saulsberry, Ph.D., is home to the new Office of International Students and Multicultural Affairs, led by Director Gina White. ISMA manages the Liew International Student Center, assists students with academic and other needs, and works with the campus international student organizations.


The Office of Admission and Scholarships created a unit dedicated to recruiting and admitting new undergraduate international students. They also support international graduate and undergraduate students in their F-1 visa responsibilities.  


Assistant Vice President of Admissions, Scholarships, and Operations Sami Owens, and former director of International Student Services, said staff with experience managing the complex documentation of international students will work with those students. Plus, recruiters will actively seek and engage potential students from countries around the globe.


“Every day, we look for ways to gain efficiency and better serve our students. This division of responsibilities between the two offices will provide top-notch customer service and a richer cultural experience for our international students,” Owens said.


Saulsberry said DEI will focus on providing cultural enrichment and student advocacy to the international student population. 


“The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, combined with International Students and Multicultural Affairs, creates a streamlined process that provides students, faculty members, and staff seamless access to all areas indicated by the name,” said Saulsberry. “DEI looks forward to ensuring that every student, faculty member, and staff has a place where they feel seen, heard, and valued; a place where they belong.”


Visit the Office of Admission and Scholarships and the Office of International Students and Multicultural Affairs at ulm.edu.