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ID Card Information for Online Students

If I'm not on campus do I really need a student ID?

graphic of ULM ID cardWell it depends. If you have NOT taken your required math and/or accounting course then YES. If you have taken the course then it isn't required, but strongly encouraged.

The math and accounting courses require that an ID be shown to the video camera for the proctored or recorded tests. To protect your privacy we have chosen the ULM student ID to fulfill this requirement.

If you have taken your math courses already (or any needed accounting courses) you don't have to get the ID. However, getting the ID gives you access to all sorts of student discounts where you live, like at the local movie theater, online shopping, as well as any ULM discounts with local businesses and organizations.

So now that you know you want or need an ID, how do you get one?

• Submit a scanned copy of a government issued Identification Card. (This card MUST have a photo.)

• Upload a color digital image in JPEG format that meets the following specifications:

*All photos submitted are subject to approval by the Office of Online Student Advocacy.