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ULM Resources

ULM Bookstore - A great resource for finding your textbooks. The ULM Bookstore will work with you to get your text books from a distance.

Help Desk - Problems logging into any of our computer systems? The ULM Help Desk is here to help.  The Help Desk can document any issues that you are having with your access and help solve those issues.  The Help Desk is available 7 days a week, for specific times and numbers please click on the link.

Financial Aid - This link will open a new window taking you to ULM's Financial Aid website.  Please contact Financial Aid with any questions you have regarding scholarships, loans, or grants. They are happy to help!

Fee & Tuition Information - Information regarding fees and tuition for the current semester.

University Library - The University Library is an excellent resource even off campus.  Check out this Prezi to get accquainted with all the options ULM's library has to offer. 

myULM (my.ulm.edu) - The ULM Portal where you can access your e-mail, Moodle, and Banner just to name a few. 

Special Needs/Accessibility Information - A link to ULM's Counseling Services.

Testing Information and Related Links - A link helping you find information in regards to testing and related information.

ULM Career Center - A link to ULM's Career Center, they work with students and alumni on resume preparation, interview skills, and job search resources.

Student Resources

write place a creative space textThe Write Place - ULM's own writing lab.  The English department provides this online resource for students to receive help with writing assignments.  Use this resource to help with proof reading papers and answer writing questions through every stage of production.

Noodle Tools - A resource to help organize research projects. The website offers services to help with note taking, outlining, citations, and much more.  

OWL at Purdue - A resource to help with research and citations.  

Google Scholar - The popular search engine's focus on scholarly work.

Study Blue - A free online interactive study site that empowers learners to make their own study tools (such as digital flash cards) and take them anywhere (available on your smart devices too).

Prezi - A new and innovative way to present information that's easy to use and encourages creativity, an alternative to a PowerPoint presentation or the like.

Career One Stop - A useful tool in exploring careers associate with your chosen field.