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Certification is the process in which the ULM Office of Veterans Affairs electronically submits a student’s certification of enrollment to the VA for processing and payment of the student’s education benefits. Enrollment is reported to VA (certified) based on eligible courses the student is scheduled for. Ineligible courses include:

Each semester the student intends to use their educational benefits they must complete the online ULM Veterans Enrollment Certification Form found at the following link:


Renewal of educational benefits is not automatic.  The VA will notify the student by email when the ULM Office of Veterans Affairs submits the student’s enrollment certification.


Course/Status Change

Students are required to notify the SCO of any changes in enrollment status such as dropping a course(s), withdrawing/resigning from the university, or changing the major program of study. Such changes may affect the receipt of or amount of the student’s VA benefits.


Deployment and Readmission for Veterans

The university will promptly readmit any student whose enrollment was disrupted by deployment/activation into service. The university requires the student notify the dean of their college as soon as they are notified of the call-up.


Undergraduate students should contact the Admissions Office at 318-342-5430 for information about the readmission process. Graduate students should contact the Graduate School at 318-342-1036.



The university adheres to the Louisiana Board of Regent's Academic Affairs Policy 2.21: Uniformed Service Mobilization Policy.



How Payments are Made

Payments are made directly to the student with the exception of tuition for Chapter 33 Post-9/11 recipients.

Direct deposit is the best way to receive benefit payments. A student may request direct deposit by calling the VA Direct Deposit Center at 1-877-838-2778. Be sure to provide the financial institution’s routing number, account number, and type of account (checking or savings).

When Payments are Made

Payments are issued monthly in arrears. For example, a student will receive the August payment at the beginning of September. Students must be enrolled and attending classes to receive payment. There are no payments issued between semesters. 

How Amount is Determined

The amount a student is paid is based on:

The payment will be prorated for partial months based on a 30-day calendar month. For example, if the monthly rate is $1,000 and classes begin on Aug. 15, the payment on Sept. 1 will be $500.

Payment Status

The ULM Office of Veterans Affairs does not have access to payment status or records. Information can be obtained directly from VA:

ULM Scholarship Information

For scholarship information, see the ULM scholarship website.

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