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The following committees report to the Director of the Professional Learning Center for Faculty & Staff, because their work aligns directly with the professional learning needs at the University of Louisiana Monroe and fulfills components of the strategic plan. Each committee meets approximately one time per month during the academic year, maintains meeting notes in a secureTeams Site, and will provide documents for faculty and staff review here on this website.


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Academic Technology Committee

target: canvas spring 24, QM fall 24The Academic Technology Committee is charged to provide guidance on all types of technology used for academic purposes at the University of Louisiana Monroe. Members of the Academic Technology Committee include all staff assigned to the PLC and all members of the ad hoc committees.The full committee meets at least two times per year and is currently divided into two smaller ad hoc committees which meet more often:


Canvas Transition Committee, co-chaired by Dr. Mike Camille and Dr. Allison Bailey, consists of full-time and part-time faculty, academic administrators and staff, and staff from the office of information technology (OIT).

Charge: to ensure the smooth transition from learning management systems (LMS) Moodle to Canvas in the 23-24 and 24-25 academic years.

Members: Chance Eppinette, Jonathan Young, Brishauna Scurfield, Pamela Martin, Chloe Beaver, Dr. Debra Craighead, Dr. Chis Michaelides.


Quality Matters Committee, co-chaired by Dr. Joana Hunter, Director of Online Student Advocacy, and Dr. Allison Bailey, ULM Quality Matters Coordinator.

Charge: to provide guidance on instructional course design meeting Quality Matters standards and to implement a QM self and peer review system to evaluate course quality.

Members: Stephanie Hendry, and any ULM faculty member who is a certified QM peer reviewer. If a faculty member allows their certification to lapse, they will not be able to serve on this committee or participate in any peer reviews until they are recertified.


Climate and Culture Committee

The Climate and Culture Committee is charged to improve the climate and culture for all faculty and staff at the University of Louisiana Monroe and provides guidance on mentoring programs and policies pertaining work life.

Chair & Members TBD

Professional Learning Advisory Committee

The Professional Learning Advisory Committee is charged to improve the climate and culture for all faculty and staff at the University of Louisiana Monroe and plans professional learning events; such as, but not limited to, University Week and on campus professional learning workshops and conferences.

Chair & Members TBD

Community Engagement Committee

The Community Engagement Committee is charged to provide training and resources for faculty and staff to participate in community engagement and to lead projects to improve the communities which ULM serves

Chair & Members TBD

Study Abroad/Away Committee

The Study Abroad/Away Committee is charged to create systems for study abroad/away at the University of Louisiana Monroe including, but not limited to: vetting faculty who are leading study abroad/away, providing assistance with Fulbright applications, ensuring programs met their budgetary and instructional expectations for a quality program, and assisting with marketing, recruiting, and student management needs.

Chair & Members TBD







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