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Risk Management & Insurance

RMI  Curriculum




 CPCU Course Waiver*

 RMIN 2005

 Risk and Insurance (Principles) 


 RMIN 3008

 Business Risk Management

 CPCU 500

 RMIN 3011

 Social and Health Insurance


 RMIN 3020

 Insurance Operations

 CPCU 520

 RMIN 3021 

 Commercial Property Insurance

 CPCU 551

 RMIN 3022

 Commercial Liability Insurance

 CPCU 552

 RMIN 4008

 Surplus Lines and Reinsurance

 ARe 144 (CPCU Elective)

 RMIN 4023

 Insurance Seminar


 RMIN 4030

 Insurance Law

 CPCU 530


 Business Elective



*Students can waive up to two of the eight course requirements for the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) for ULM RMI courses in which they earn a B or better.  Seven of the eight CPCU designation requirements are covered in the ULM RMI curriculum.

Click here for more information on the CPCU designation. 

Click  here  for more information on obtaining waivers for CPCU courses.


The RMI Industry generously supports the RMI Major by contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars to support RMI education.  There are numerous available scholarships specifically, some available only to RMI majors and others available to anyone who wishes to pursue a career in the RMI industry.  Below are a list of ULM RMI scholarships and National RMI Scholarships.  Click on the title of the scholarship or to find details on how to apply.

ULM RMI Scholarships


National RMI Scholarships

Some scholarships are needs-based, some require evidence of high academic ability/achievement and some require essay writing and/or recommendations.  Nearly all require that the student is pursuing a career in the risk management and insurance industry and prefer (or require) that the student is majoring or plans to major in RMI.

RMI students who maintain strong academic standing and spend time researching and applying for these scholarships can potentially earn thousands of dollars in scholarships each semester.