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eTEACH Online Book Studies 

ULM eTEACH book studies provide practicing teachers with opportunities to continue their education and earn non-degree graduate credit toward a +30 endorsement. A master’s degree is not required. Hours can be banked and used for a +30 once the teacher has earned an advanced degree. The courses are operated through ULM but are facilitated at the school or district level. To register for eTEACH Courses, you must first be admitted to ULM’s Graduate School.

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eTEACH Course Offerings for Summer 2024

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Payment for eTEACH Courses

Make payments at banner.ulm.edu or contact ULM Student Account Services by phone (318-342-7920) or email (bigelow@ulm.edu).


Book study courses offered through the eTeach department are at the graduate level, and courses earn 3 credit hours of Credit or No Credit*. 

*eTEACH Grading Policy: Continuing Studies in Curriculum and Instruction (CURR 5081) courses receive a final grade of Credit (CR), awarded for work equivalent to course letter grades of A through C; or No Credit (NC), awarded for work equivalent to course letter grades of D through F.

Teachers are responsible for seeking course pre-approval with the appropriate certification office and for applying for certification upon completion of requirements. 

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