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In the state of Louisiana, LOUIS, the Louisiana Library Network, has promoted Affordable Learning LOUISiana as a means to help students save money. In fact, using an investment of $400,000, LOUIS has helped over 40,000 students save as much as $4.8 million in Louisiana!


As a member of LOUIS, the ULM Library hopes to help ULM students take advantage of such savings while supporting faculty in the identification of quality OER (Open Educational Resource) and OA (Open Access) options that could be used in their courses. Both LOUIS and the ULM Library can help provide access to course redesign resources for faculty seeking to redesign their courses to implement the use of these no-cost, low-cost, and cost-effective resources. Faculty can see what OERs and open textbooks have been mapped to courses listed in the Louisiana Statewide Common Course Catalog.


A list of all Open Educational Resource (OER) and Affordable Educational Resource (AER) class sections at ULM can be found here: https://webservices.ulm.edu/apps/oer_aer


All OER/AER sections also appear in the Attribute column of the Schedule of ULM Classes, found here: https://www.ulm.edu/schedule/


Other sources of OERs and OA materials can be found in OER Commons, OpenStax CollegeLever Press, and TED Talks.  


If you would like a summary of OER facts, please click the link here: pdf


If you have questions about OERs and OA materials, as well as course redesign, please contact your liaison librarian. A list of librarians and the departments they cover can be found here: https://www.ulm.edu/library/reference.html.