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The mission of the university library is to support the teaching, research, and service programs of the university.  This shall be accomplished through instruction, networking, and access using the appropriate technology, acquisition, organization and maintenance of necessary information resources.  The university library shall also provide the optimum learning environment for its diverse users.


Ask us for help, for yourself or your students! The Reference Desk is staffed from the time the Library opens to 7:00pm, or until closing time if earlier. Feel free to ask questions or contact us.

Have a look at our Annual Report (.PDF) to learn more about what the Library is doing.

Library Reserves

If you would like something placed on reserve, fill out this reserves form and bring it to the circulation desk.

Subject Librarians (your liaisons)

These are your contacts, or Liaisons, at the Library, and you may ask them for help finding information, acquiring materials, helping your students, and more.  Who is your liaison? You can find out here

Instruction Program

Don't assume that your students know how to do research just because they can use a computer. If your students need help, we librarians can come to your classroom and teach students how to find quality, credible library resources to use for their assignments. Contact us to learn more or schedule a library instruction session with a librarian.

Your Graduate Assistants

GAs can check out materials for their faculty. To enable this, the GA will need to visit the library circulation desk with the faculty member's ULM ID card and a letter with the faculty member's signature which identifies the GA who is authorized to check out materials. The letter will be kept on file at circulation. This procedure will need to be repeated if/when the professor changes GAs. GAs may also pick up Interlibrary Loan materials, and can be added as "authorized users" on the professor's ILL account. To learn more about ILL, visit the ILL page.

Finding Resources Yourself

Librarians help faculty with their teaching and research. Here are some things you can do to learn about the library:

• Have a look at our Online Library Tour
• Browse our Frequently Asked Questions
• Visit Our Guides and tutorials page
• Learn about copyright, fair use, and Creative Commons Licensing (CCL) (you can also view a Zoom recording of the presentation)

Acquiring New Materials

Library Allocations, if available, will be sent to department heads by The Dean of the Library. A list of past expenditures can be found in our Annual Report (.PDF).

ULM faculty, staff, and students are welcome to request the purchase of books and other media for the Library's collection. Contact us and we will assess requested items' suitability in view of our Collection Policy (PDF), which explains what we do and do not acquire.

If there is something in the collection you feel should be removed, contact us and fill out the Censorship Form at the end of the Collection Policy (PDF).


Retired Faculty/staff ID card

Faculty and staff retirees are eligible for a Retired Faculty/staff ID card, which can be obtained at the Warhawk ID Services office.

Retired Faculty/Staff access privileges:

Please remember that ULM is a tobacco/smoke-free campus - vaping is not permitted in any of the buildings, including the Library.