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Welcome to the website for the peer-reviewed journal Contemporary Southern Psychology! CSP is founded and managed by social sciences faculty at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. The vision of Contemporary Southern Psychology is to be collaborative with all campus disciplines, giving southern regional professors, students, practitioners, and professionals a peer-reviewed venue through which they may share their research.

Psychology and Aging Resource Collaborative (PARC)

The first issue is slated to publish in conjunction with the 2018 annual conference for the Psychology and Aging Resource Collaborative (PARC). PARC is an annual conference for mental health/healthcare professionals. Its mission is to educate the public regarding resources available for elder members of our communities and society. The PARC committee, comprised of professors Mkay Bonner, Rick Stevens, Chad Lewing, and Burton Ashworth, have invited distinguished speakers based on their experience, demonstrated skill in giving presentations, and their intellectual contributions to the discipline of mental health. Presentations include sessions on current topics related to the regional elderly population. Please click here for a PDF of the conference brochure.

Forthcoming Issue

Disciplines represented in the inaugural publication of Contemporary Southern Psychology and at the PARC conference include psychology, nursing, dental hygiene, and criminal justice, among others. 

Abstracts for presentations and articles will be forthcoming and linked below (presenters listed alphabetically).

Mkay Bonner, Ph.D., and Mark Johnson, M.A. "Interaction Between Law Enforcement & the Elderly: Know When to Call and What to Expect Related to Addictions, Mental Illness and Alzheimer's" [PDF]

Rhonda Hensley, DNP, "Clinical Consequences of Polypharmacy & Drug Misuse Among the Elderly"

Robert Hanser, Ph.D., and Wenhau Hu, M.S.L., "Elderly Offender Prison Programming in the People’s Republic of China and the United States" [PDF]

William McCown, Ph.D., "Gambling and Older Americans"

Pamela Higgins Saulsberry, Ph.D., "Grandparents Raising Grandchildren"


Sabrina Wegner, M.A., ABD, and Wendel A. Ray, Ph.D., "A review of Counseling Elders & Their Families - Practical Techniques for Applied Gerontology" [PDF]

Student Publications

Crystal Curry, M.S., "Expression of Antisocial Behavior in Relation to Age and Crime" (abstract only)

Author Guidelines

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For questions regarding Contemporary Southern Psychology, please contact Dr. Burton Ashworth.