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Prospective Students

ULM Psychology offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a curriculum that provides a basic arts and sciences education including courses in all major content areas of psychology. The program is designed to provide students with the background and skills essential for further professional or graduate study in psychology. 

ULM Psychology offers a Master of Science degree with concentrations in General Psychology, Psychometrics, and Forensic Psychology. 

Forensic Psychology

Forensic psychology is one of the fastest growing disciplines in psychology.  Forensic psychology is an applied science that combines the application of psychology with legal and criminal justice principles. Students majoring in forensic psychology will be knowledgeable on criminal justice procedures, criminological theories, and psychological theories. There are a variety of careers for forensic psychology majors both in private and public sectors to include law enforcement, the courts, corrections, child protection services, the legal profession and many other fields. 

ULM Psychology also offers a Master of Science degree, with concentrations in Forensic Psychology. The Forensic Concentration is composed of classes from both Psychology and Criminal Justice. This rapidly growing field covers such areas criminology and theories of crime and delinquency.