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contractContract Process - for all Contracts including Personal, Professional, Social, and Consulting Services (PPCS)

To initiate the contract review process, Purchasing must receive an approved Requisition, draft contract and all supporting documents for review in accordance with the time frames below. (Please note: during fiscal year end, and at the beginning of each semester these time frames will be extended so please plan accordingly)

Contract Review Turnaround Time 


Contract Submission Process

Please note: Purchasing is unable to begin reviewing or editing any agreement until an approved Requisition has been received.  

  1. Submit a Banner Requisition to initiate the contract review process (Exception: Contracts <$2,000 can be submitted via a Check Request, if for one-time use).  
  2. If the contract is with a new vendor (i.e., Did you find them in Banner? If not, they're probably new), send the vendor's current W9 to Purchasing. Ask the vendor to ensure that the information on their W9 is correct and matches their tax record.
  3. Download the most current contract template below and populate it with all applicable specifications and details. (*Please note, the department entering into the agreement is responsible to provide Purchasing with the applicable insurance language).  
  4. Send draft contract and supporting documents to Purchasing for review prior to sending the contract to the vendor for signature.
    • To determine the required supporting documents, please reference the Supporting Documents section below.
  5. After Purchasing review and approval to proceed, vendor signature may be obtained.
  6. Then, the contract with supporting documents should be forwarded to Purchasing.  
  7. Purchasing will obtain Authorized University Signatures and issue the Purchase Order. 
    • In no instance should an unauthorized individual sign a contract or binding document on behalf of the University.


*For any purchase or contract requiring a Request for Proposal (RFP)– add 12-18 months  to the above turnaround times. This includes but is not limited to:


Contract Templates

<$2k Contract Form Template (.pdf)(Only to be used for services with TOTAL billing less than $2000)

Sample Generic Contract (.doc) [NEW 23Mar23

Sample Contract Amendment (.pdf) [NEW 13May21]

Cooperative Endeavor Agreement Template (.doc)

Legal Services Contract Template (.doc)

Sample Information Technology/Data Processing Contract (.doc)

Sample Software License Agreement (.doc)

Sample Software Maintenance Agreement (.doc)

Sample Software License and Maintenance Agreement (.doc)


Contract Language 

Additional Clauses for Contracts (site)

CyberSecurity Language(.doc) (Only needed if contractors will have access to ULM’s information technology assets) [NEW 22Feb21]

FERPA Privacy Clause (.doc) (Only needed if confidential student data is hosted or accessed by a vendor, the contract with the vendor must acknowledge and address FERPA protections and obligations)

ORM Insurance and Indemnification Language (.pdf) (Please review and insert applicable language into agreement)

Travel Reimbursements (site) (Must always be in accordance with PPM 49 State Travel regulations if travel is to be reimbursed as part of the contract. AND Travel Reimbursement language must be inserted into the contract)

Contract Helpful Hints

DOA Checklist for Contract Review (site)

OSP Professional Contracts - Forms and Formats (site)

PPCS Definitions (.pdf)



Supporting Documents

Sample Statement of Work + Monitoring Plan for Services (.doc) (Required for all PPCS contracts >$2k)

Board Resolution Template (site) (Only needed if the contractor is a corporation, either profit or non-profit).  The Board Resolution must be dated within the past 2 years.

Certificate of Authority (.pdf) (Only needed if the contractor is an out-of-state corporation wishing to do business in Louisiana, and will be in the state for 30 days or more)

Certification Letter Template (.doc) (Only needed if contract is > $5k)

Indemnification Agreement (.doc) (for Contractor signature, when applicable)

Late Contract Justification Letter Template (.doc)  (Only needed if contract submission is 60 days past award)

Multi-year Justification Letter Template (.doc) (Only needed if contract exceeds 12 months)

Performance Evaluation Letter Form (.doc) (Required for final payment on contracts over $2k, once services are completed)

Resume (Required for all Consultants)

Sole Source / Proprietary Purchase (.pdf)

Vendor Profile (required for all contracts that go to Office of State Procurement (OSP), meaning all contracts $50,000 and greater).  The vendor profile must have a last review date within the past 12 months.

Verification for Potential Employment (.pdf) (Only needed if the contract is with an individual instead of a business)

W-9 (.pdf) (Only needed if the contract is with a new vendor, or if vendor's W-9 information has changed)

Worker's Compensation Indemnity (.doc) (for Contractor signature, when applicable)