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“University Seminar 1001 is a 1 hour required class for all incoming freshmen. It is taught by an Instructor and facilitated by a Peer Leader. University Seminar was designed to integrate academics and fun through the use of interactive learning that involves group activities and a variety of other techniques. UNIV 1001 is customized for your college and/or major, and it is always expanding to find new ways to meet the needs of our Freshmen.”

  The topics presented in University Seminar include the following:

·         Orientation to Student Life at ULM

·         Time Management

·         Note Taking

·         Critical Thinking

·         Test Taking/Anxiety

·         Diversity

·         Community Service

Various approaches are used in teaching University Seminar,   such as:

·         Lecture

·         Video

·         Group activities

·         Guest speakers

·         Icebreaker exercises

·         Team building activities

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