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 videography by Dylan Jung


an interesting term describing those expressive individuals with the ability to share their imaginative vision. Artists find new ways to view the past, explain the present and influence the future. Overall, they possess the ability to compress the most fascinating elements of life into a single visual experience.

Today, as science unravels the complexities of the universe to supply answers to the mysteries of our world, art can provide the means to understand and continue the process of living in it. As technology moves into the routine of daily life, the appreciation of original, handmade items increases. Artists at ULM embrace traditional media of visual expression as well as the latest computer graphic and image making techniques.

Undergraduate art curricula provide a broad base of visual experience and discipline in a variety of areas. Introductory courses in design, drawing, and art survey provide foundations for advanced work in any medium, as well as support for other programs of the University.

The School of Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA), Art Program, offers the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major area of concentration selected from ceramics, drawing, graphic design, painting, or art education.

The Art Education program in cooperation with the School of Education provides certification requirements for teaching art at elementary and secondary levels.



Articles for artists


Student Portfolio Reviews

  • Current schedule  PDF
  • About portfolio reviews  PDF

Portfolio Review artist statement
  • About the artist statement  PDF
Preparing for the artist statement  PDF
  • Why write an Artist Statement?
  • Guidelines for an artist statement.
  • Sample Resume 2019  PDF

ART 3000 Portfolio
  • Art 3000 syllabus  PDF

Digital Portfolio Review 
      (Download and unzip)
  • about-digital-portfolio-review-document PDF
  sample-faculty-checksheet- PDF
   How To Photograph & Edit Artwork Images With Your Phone and Free Apps - YouTube

This tutorial covers quick and easy methods to photograph and edit images using your cell phone, daylight, and the free app Snapseed.
You can search for links to other applications.

 edit photographs

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Bry gallery is a teaching exhibition space exhibiting practicing artists of all types. Selection is made through a jury process involving art faculty.
Contact Dr. Joni Noble for further details.


ulm student exhibition postcard

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ALL undergraduate students (both online and face-to-face) will have advising holds. Students should meet with an advisor before registration.

The SSC will continue to advise
TALON students, all pre-professional students, all Gen Studies majors, and all undeclared students.

Contact your art advisor by email or in class
to arrange for advising.
Registration begins
Tuesday, March 28, 6:00 a.m.

Visit Degree Requirements Page
for registration schedule and more information


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The British Studies Program  
Study in London, the United Kingdom,
and the European continent.
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The Catalyst Program  www.catalystprogram.org