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Contracts and Forms

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Faculty Copy Request Form   .DOCX  form field document


Art Student Request Form for after hours studio/building access.
Complete the form field document, make your case, follow instructions for submission.

Click to download Studio Access Request Form.DOCX


Senior Thesis Show Application  .DOCX  form field document

Senior Thesis Show Contract  .DOCX  form field document

Bry Gallery Exhibition Contract  .DOCX  form field document

Administrator's Choice (Art-on-loan) Contract  .DOCX  form field document


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VAPA Talent Grant Forms

Click to download Talent Grant Application.DOCX 

Click to open Sample talent grant application pdf for viewing only

(Existing Talent Grants may be continued following approval of standards of progress, see requirements below)

Click to download Talent Grant Acceptance and Standards of progress, Art.DOCX

Click to open Sample acceptance and standards pdf for viewing only