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This PBC in accounting technology program is designed for individuals who have earned a baccalaureate degree in a discipline other than accounting who are seeking a functional competency within the accounting field and in the use of accounting technology. The program is limited to a limited number of accounting and computer information systems classes and should not, therefore, be considered as equivalent to the comprehensive business degree programs offered by ULM.

This program strives to prepare individuals for positions and careers in which a foundation in accounting and technology systems related to accounting are needed to succeed and/or advance. As pointed out in recent publications, both accounting and information technology jobs are considered high demand positions for our region and nationally.


All of the courses are existing courses; the program also includes a requirement that a faculty-approved certification in an accounting-related technology (e.g., Microsoft certification in Excel, Quickbooks, etc.) is earned by the student prior to completion. Students may be able to complete the entire program within one year.



1. Baccalaureate Degree

2. University Admission

3. Successful completion of each required course listed below with a minimum grade of “C’

4. Completion of at least 15 hours of the required courses listed below in-residence at ULM

5. Certification in an approved IT/Accounting related area is required as part of the PBAT program; the certificate will not be awarded until validation of that certification has occurred. The cost of certification is the responsibility of the student.

Completion of 21 hours of accounting and computer information systems courses, including:

a. ACCT 2020 (Introduction to Managerial Accounting – 3 cr. Hrs.)

b. ACCT 2030 (Introduction to Financial Accounting – 3 cr. Hrs.)

c. ACCT 3008 (Accounting Information Systems – 3 cr. Hrs.)

d. ACCT 3015 (Managerial Accounting – 3 cr. Hrs.)

e. ACCT 3017 (Tax Fundamentals – 3 cr. Hrs.)

f. CINS 2015 (Spreadsheet Applications) or CINS 3050 (Management Information Systems) (3 cr. Hrs.)

g. CINS 2020 (Introduction to Business Programming – 3 cr. Hrs.)


Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Accounting Technology: Gainful Employment Disclosure Statement



Dr. Arturo Rodriguez,

School of Accounting, Financial & Information Services
Hemphill Hall 306

Monroe, LA 71209

(318) 342-1111