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Health Sciences

Mission, Vision, & Values


College of Health Sciences Mission Statement:

The mission of the ULM College of Health Sciences is to improve the health, healthcare, and well-being of individuals, families, and communities in Northeast Louisiana through education, service, and research.   

This is accomplished by incorporating evidence-based clinical practice into curricula, through strengthening our communities; and by promoting learner engagement, inter-professional development, and compassion through innovation and demonstrated commitment to patient-and-family-centered care. 


College of Health Sciences Vision Statement: 

The Vision of the ULM College of Health Sciences is to improve the health of Northeast Louisiana, and beyond, through the impact of our graduates.  We believe in what’s best for all of us, not just a few and define “health” to include all things that allow individuals, families, and communities to become healthier.  Everyone should have access to quality healthcare and we are responsible for making that happen. 


College of Health Sciences Values: 

We dedicate ourselves to Excellence, Diversity, Service, Innovation (progressive attitude), Health Equity (Social Justice), Equitable Partnerships, Stewardship of Resources, and Patient-and-Family-Centered Practice. 


School of Allied Health Mission Statement: 

The mission of the School of Allied Health is to educate practitioners to meet the diverse healthcare needs of the citizens of Louisiana, and beyond.