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Administrative Contacts

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Dr. Ron Berry
318-342-1010 rberry@ulm.edu
Office of the President
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. Judy Fellows
318-342-1025 fellows@ulm.edu Academic Affairs
Vice President for Information Services
& Student Success
Dr. Michael Camille
318-342-1070 camille@ulm.edu Information Services
& Student Success

Vice President for Student Affairs
Dr. Valerie Fields
318-342-5215 fields@ulm.edu Student Affairs
Vice President for Business Affairs
Dr. William T. Graves
318-342-1961 graves@ulm.edu Business Affairs
Interim Vice President of Enrollment
Management & University Relations
Lisa Miller
318-342-5440 lmiller@ulm.edu  
Director of Athletics
Scott McDonald
318-342-5360 mcdonald@ulm.edu ulmwarhawks.com 


Academic Contacts

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College of Arts, Education, and Sciences
Dr. John Pratte, Dean
318-342-1235 pratte@ulm.edu Arts, Education & Sciences
College of Business and Social Sciences
Dr. Michelle McEacharn, Dean
318-342-1100 mceacharn@ulm.edu Business & Social Sciences
College of Health Sciences
Dr. Don Simpson, Dean
318-342-1655 dsimpson@ulm.edu
Health Sciences
College of Pharmacy
Dr. H. Glenn Anderson, Dean
318-342-1600 ganderson@ulm.edu Pharmacy
Graduate School
Dr. Sushma Krishnamurthy, Dean
318-342-1036 krishnamurthy@ulm.edu Graduate School