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Strategic Planning a roadmap that moves us forward
Plan for Our Future

2022-2027 ULM Strategic Plan


Because so many changes are affecting higher education, this plan may be the most important document our institution has ever produced. It will be the measure by which all decisions over the next five years will be made. Quite simply, we will decide our actions by judging if they help us achieve our strategic goals and attain our vision.

My responsibility as university president is to lead this process. Each of you has a responsibility to the process as well—to lend your expertise in higher education to help implement create this plan.

The principle of shared governance is critical to higher education and the future of ULM. This plan has been developed with a bottom-up implementation in mind. I have received as much feedback from the entire campus community as possible.

In this time of transformation, we ask all students, alumni, parents, faculty, staff, community members, and friends to join us in our efforts to help ULM move forward.