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The social work curriculum involves two components, pre-professional level social work and professional level social work. All students entering the Social Work Program are classified as pre-professional level social work majors. Applications for admission to the professional level social work curriculum must meet the general ULM admission requirements for all majors AND meet the following requirements:

  1. Have a grade of "C" or above in: English 1001, English 1002, Psychology 2001 or Sociology 1001, Math 1011, Social Work 1001, Social Work 1002 and Social Work 2005. Students may apply for the major while enrolled in Social Work 2005.
  2. Have earned a GPA of 2.3 in all courses required for the degree.
  3. Have completed all developmental (remedial) courses with a grade of "C" or above before applying to the major.

Those who have completed the above requirements may apply for admission into the professional level of the Social Work Major.  Students must request applications from Christian Specks via e-mail at specks@ulm.edu.

Completed applications should be addressed and submitted to Professor Christian Specks, Admissions Coordinator. You may return your completed application to the primary School of Social & Behavioral Science (Social Work Department) located in Strauss Hall (Room 208) or directly to professor Specks in Strauss Hall (Room 226). Application packets are due by Thursday, March 18, 2024, by 4:00 p.m.

Application Instructions for Admission to Professional Level SOCW Program.docx

ULM Fall 2023 Application Form to Professional Level Social Work.docx 

ULM 2023 Reference Form for Application to Professional Level SW.pdf

The Social Work Department Admissions Committee will review applications, interview applicants, and make a decision on the status of the applicants. This committee is composed of the Chair of the Social Work Department Admissions Committee, one other social work faculty member (on a rotating basis), a social work professional level major with senior standing, and a professional social worker from the community.

The Head of the Social Work Department notifies the students in writing of the Committee's decision. If for some reason a student is not transitioned to the professional level of the social work major, reapplication may be made the next semester. Those not transitioned to the professional level curriculum will not be allowed to enroll in Interviewing and the Helping Relationship (SOCW 3001), Practice 1 (SOCW 3015), Practice II (SOCW 4016), Field Education in Social Work (SOCW 4021), or Field Education Seminar (SOCW 4022).

Retention in the Social Work Major

Social Work and Practicum Track Social Work majors who earn less than a "C" in Social Work courses required for the major will be allowed to repeat courses only one time. Failure to achieve a progressive grade the second time will result in suspension from the Social Work Program for one semester. Students, classified as Social Work majors, who are suspended from the program or the University, or who resign or withdraw from the University, will have their status reviewed by the Chair of the Admissions Committee and may be required to resubmit an application for readmission into the program.